1424 Bengali New Year 2017 SMS Wishes in Bengali

1424 Bengali New Year 2017 SMS Wishes in Bengali: – We are back with some cool stuffs that you really need in the coming new year days. After a lot of research we find something that is beneficial to all our readers. Here we present cool Bengali New Year 2017 SMS Wishes In Bengali, Bangla New Year 2017 SMS, Pohela Boishakh SMS 2017 which is really gonna a good post from our side. Time is going very fast between us and we need toprepare for the coming festival. All of us need to take good decisions for 2017 as it is the future of our life. It is the time to achieve something that we leave in this year and we need to work hard to get our goal.

Top Collection of Bengali New Year 2017 SMS

Moving to the post with the title Pohela Boishkah SMS 2017 Bengali SMS Messages, we are trying to provide you quality contents in our blog. New Year days is always good for all of us as it is an opportunity for reunion with friends and family members. Bengali New Year comes immediately after March. which is another big event celebrated by the Bangladesh and India. So let’s explore this one by wishing a very Bengali happy new year to all our friends. Let’s have a look at these wonderful Bangali New Year SMS wishes.


  • Natun bocorer natun alo
    natun ashar prodip jalo,
    natun surer natun gane
    natun kore egiye cholo.
    Subho Nababarso.
    Happy New Year!!!
  • Bachhar sesher jhara pata bollo ure ese
    Ekti bachhar periya gelo hawar sathe bhese.
    Natun bachhar asche, take jotno kore rekho
    Swapna gulo satyi kore khub bhalo theko.


  • Rater sese misti hese takao chokh khule
    Notun aloy notun bhore dukkho jabe bhule
    Jhilmiliye hasbe abar, andhar hobe sesh
    Ese geche Notun Bochorer notun SMS !


Iccha gulo ure beraak pakhna duti mele,

Dinguli tor jakna kete emni hese khele,

Apurno na thake jano tor kono sokh

Ai kamonar sathe janai

Subho Poila Boisakh

Bondhu tomar bhalo basar janala khola rekho,

moner akash meghla hole amay kintu deko….

jhor bristi katiye abar dekhabo alor hasi

ami achhi, thakbo jeno tomar pasa-pasi

Subho Poila Boisakh!

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